The white shirt project brought me out of my comfort zone and into the fast passed world of the fashion industry. With this only being a one week project with only two days to completely rework the white shirt i was nervous to say the least. But i have learnt multiple new ways of portraying my fashion illustrations through mixed media, as well as to look more closely around me for inspiration then reply mainly on the internet. I am very pleased with my final outcome and the progress i have made in my design development.





My idea was to smock the breast of my shirt and part of the sleeves as well as cutting the back and using the spear fabric to do a looser smock that would be placed under the unbuttoned front section.


Smocking is an old embroidery technique that gathers fabric and allows it to stretch, it is a very time consuming process but the final outcome is both delicate and intricate. I felt that this technique was a good one to use as a lot of the class seemed to be focusing on draping and tying the fabric and not actually manipulating the fabric itself. Therefore, i chose to go off on this path and keep the redesign of the shirt quite simple but the textile on the shirt complex. 


I used the smocking technique called lattice which created delicate floral bunching in the fabric that showed a lot of movement. The great thing about this technique is the fact that it can be pulled tight or made loose to create different patterns in the fabric, this is something that i have done in certain sections to break it up a bit so it doesn't look like such a had block of the same technique. 


We spent alot of time creating differnt ideas individualy and in groups bellow are some of the creations that were made.


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