today i went to the South Bank centre  to gather research and a collection of observational drawings. I have always loved the South Bank Centre as a building, the strong geometrical shapes and concrete jungle feel of it gave me plenty to work with. 


i began drawing various parts of the centre, constantly changing my drawing technique and medium to ensure i would have multiple different drawings. I wanted to incorporate collage so i began doing wall rubbings of various parts using charcoal and coloured chalks, i the ripped these up and began collaging with them and drawing over the top of them to create the different perspectives i could see. 


i also wanted to play around with shadows, so i began filling in these areas with black pen and leaving the rest plain white. i thought this technique helped add to the geometric and sharp shapes of the buildings.


today was the last day of the tactile structure project we spent the morning finishing off our samples. i'm really pleased with the samples i have created and how they have turned out. I feel that the colours and techniques i have chosen have coincided well with the brief. 

this afternoon we went to the Barbican and displayed our work around the grounds we took photos of our work in different parts of the building. i photographed a lot of mine in front of the tiles as i feel that they helped represent the grids within my own samples.  


today we visited the barbican and did multiple observational drawings of the buildings and outside areas. I loved again the geometric and sharp shapes of this place and focused a lot on different perspectives. i began to incorporate pastel colours into my work as i wanted to lighten up these dark and aged buildings. using different colour i began creating shadows and playing with light and dark. 


i also incorporated the wall rubbing technique that i had previously done at the south bank centre, the concrete gave a brilliant effect and then when drawn on top off gave a incredibly accurate texture to the parts i was looking at. 

i was also attracted to the tiles on the outside of the buildings, squares and rectangles seem to be very popular shapes within brutalist architecture. repeating these gave off a very interesting  pattern that could daily been translated through fabric or collage later on. 


the afternoon was spent back in the studio where we began making paper manipulations, collages and fabric samples based on the images and drawings we had gathered over the weekend and this morning at the Barbican. i started off with cut outs and large squares, rectangles and triangles layering the over each other in different pastel colours to try and retreat the different perspectives i had obtained earlier. after that i began using threads and pieces of fabric beginning to think how i could incorporate this on to the body.  


today was the second day of the project we continued to create samples that we will be displaying at the barbican on thursday. 


i continued to create samples based on shadows, scale and perspective. 


today i purchased some gridded paper and printed out some of the images i had taken over the past few days, printing these out in black and white i began to work with placing cardboard under these  images so that they would rise out of the sample, this helped with the theme of scale that i have been working on. i also  worked with transferring the ink from these images onto plain paper to create a printed effect that i could then collage or draw over. 


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