The artifact I was given fascinated me. It was so inspiring to see this recipe book for all these different dyes. Especially dye to my passion for print I really enjoyed studying the book. Ideas were flowing as soon as I saw it, the complete lack of order due to the ink and dye splodges that flooded each page remnants of ring marks that had been left from dye pots and the evident infestation of colours ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other. I began to think how I could link this in with the quote I was given.

I  wanted my outcome for this project to be a series of prints that depicted what is left after war and that would question whether peace is obtainable.

'If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set there would be peace.'

 - John Lennon







When British artist George Butler recently crossed the border from Turkey into Syria, he was greeted in the town of Azaz by abandoned tanks and piles of rubble from war-damaged buildings. But normal life was continuing amid the chaos, and George - under the protection of the Free Syrian Army - started to sketch and paint watercolours of the scenes he observed. 

George Butler's work inspired me to focus more on modern wars and what is left after war is over. 







Hannah Höch was an important member of the Berlin Dada movement and a pioneer in collage. Splicing together images taken from popular magazines, illustrated journals and fashion publications, she created a humorous and moving commentary on society during a time of tremendous social change. Acerbic, astute and funny, Höch established collage as a key medium for satire whilst being a master of its poetic beauty. Höch created some of the most radical works of the time and was admired by contemporaries such as George Grosz, Theo van Doesburg and Kurt Schwitters, yet she was often overlooked by traditional art history. At a time when her work has never seemed more relevant, the exhibition puts this inspiring figure in the spotlight.


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