The denim project allowed me to go out of the standard realms of textiles and flow into the design process of fashion. I really enjoyed being able to do this, it was important for me to develop my fashion illustrations and this project allowed me to do so, as well as honing my drawing skills i was able to practice making a finished garment. 

I found denim as a a brief challenging but at the same time inspiring the fact that it was so open to interpretation meant that i could really push myself to try new methods and techniques. i feel that my fashion design skills have flourished in this project and am pleased with my end result. however, i would have loved to have been able to develop my garment and samples further by possibly incorporating print or embroidery onto the denim. 


It all began this Winter, with the presentation of her first collection, "The Forcing of Nature", at fashion show "Other Perspectives" at Beckmans. "I worked non-stop for 3 months to finish the garments of my first runway show", says Hanna, who wanted to create pieces that would speak about the way nature has been compelled to submit to humans. "We force nature to comply to our models and this is a form of violence", she explains, with the typical Swedish inclination towards eco-friendliness. With layers of denim, both real and plastic flowers, Hanna believes in the message that fashion can convey.







Colin O'Brien 1987 'London Fields'


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