Culture clash project

The culture clash project was very interesting, i was surprised at how many different cultures there were in my class. Even the home/EU students had vastly different cultural heritages. I wish that i could have had more time on this project to properly investigate the images and sources i was given, I feel that my samples became rather repetitive and did not experiment as much a s i could of.

i began the project by looking at 1970s family holidays along the british seaside. This was inspired by one of the photographs my partner had given me which showed her and her mum at the beach in Cornwall and she told me how her family have been going there for years upon years. i loved this idea of local family holidays before jet setting over the world was as accessible as it is today. 



the use of red wool in my work symbolises the idea of memory, warm colours such as orange and red help us to remember things. I have embedded the wool as an almost motif in my work to push the idea of these old family holidays never being forgotten.



Roslyn Banish's images in the book 'British Image 1' were incredibly inspiring i loved the idea that she allowed the family to create there own portrait scene and she was doing nothing then simply taking the photo. She allowed them to be portrayed how they wanted to be. I wanted to take these black and white portraits and place them into the vibrant background of the british seaside.


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